Guy Shelemy (Gy SHELL-a-may) is an expressive polymath of the communication arts.

     His talent was noticed at an early age through acting and singing in elementary and junior high school drama and musical productions. Shelemy held classmates spellbound with humorous storytelling which also found expression through writing and his skill as an orator.


     Shelemy has a formal education in the performing arts, professional communications and business management. He studied adult theatre and film acting at The Prairie Theatre Exchange School and vocal performance at The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts. He has made appearances in Canadian film productions, worked in the Canadian music industry and is a solo-vocalist of several music genres.


     Shelemy was eventually noticed by talent scouts at (former broadcast company) Moffat Communications who successfully lured him away from his seasonal forestry profession by an offer of training and employment in television studio production. The opportunity also led to Shelemy's admission into the Communications Program at the University of Winnipeg.


     Shelemy has fond memories of his lucky break; "Those were long, long days," he recalls, "I would get up at 4am, study for two hours before going to work and then rush off to evening classes on campus. My classmates envied that I was getting hands-on work experience concurrent with university courses."


     Shelemy eventually graduated from the Communications Program with a tri-major in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing. He later graduated from the University of Winnipeg's Management Studies Program with a double-major in both Corporate and Small Business Management.


     Shelemy worked in several technical and studio production positions for Moffat Communications subsidiaries CKY Television, CTV Network, WTN, and Videon Cablesystems before the company changed ownership. Shelemy has since followed an entrepreneurial path which has again turned towards the field of professional communications.

Shelemy Communications /  provides professional communications services to small business clients and has started pre-production of professional content for distribution through world-wide web platforms.